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Harley Farms
“Part of being a farmer is you've got to know lots of things.” James Harley speaks from experience. He and his family don’t just raise…
Experience Maple Syrup in Kawarthas Northumberland
To many Canadians, sap buckets and tubing slung between trees are as much a sign of spring as melting snow and birdsong. In my household…
Vegetarian pizza from the Publican House Brew Pub
The Publican House is something of a torchbearer for Peterborough culture. The craft brewery recently celebrated its tenth year in business, but its name is…
A ReFrame poster at the entrance to Market Hall, Peterborough
ReFrame Film Festival couldn’t be better timed. At the darkest, coldest time of year, three city blocks of downtown Peterborough come alive with moviegoers hurrying…
A selection of dishes from The Mill Restaurant and Pub
You might guess The Mill Restaurant and Pub’s heritage just by looking at it — its stone foundation and weathered brick walls suggest a bygone…
Been out skating yet this winter? Colder weather always gets us excited to strap on skates and make the most of the great skating conditions…
Looking for thoughtful ways to celebrate someone special in your life? Especially if you’ve got friends or family who’ve expressed the urge to declutter, it…

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