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A person bends to fix their traditional snowshoe

Where to Snowshoe in Kawarthas Northumberland

People who don’t like winter probably haven’t tried snowshoeing—there’s a quiet beauty to the woods on a snowy day that makes the season all worthwhile. If you’ve already got a pair of snowshoes, you’re ready to strike out for any one of Kawarthas Northumberland’s hiking and skiing trails. For those who want to give the

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Drag queens pose against a brick backdrop

Drag Bingo: Betty Baker and Sahira Q Hit the Jackpot

Bingo isn’t usually this rowdy. It’s a game associated with retirement homes and second-language classrooms, but tonight the crowd is hooting and hollering, laughing at bawdy jokes between each call. That energy has everything to do with Betty Baker and Sahira Q, two drag queens on stage at Farmhill Weddings outside Keene. Drag queens aren’t

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Drone view of Hastings in winter

Holiday Guide: Shopping in the TSW Trail Towns

The holiday season is here, and many of us are wondering how to find memorable, meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones. Sure, you could fill up the cart faster at an online megastore, but shopping locally offers the chance to support artisans and entrepreneurs in your area while choosing gifts that are genuinely unique.

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Three cyclists in a snowy forest

Riding the Snowscape: Fat Biking in Kawarthas Northumberland

Until last winter, I’d never been on a fat bike. I’d cycled Kawarthas Northumberland thoroughly in the warmer months—the region is crisscrossed with rail trails and backroads that make for shady, serene riding in the summer. Then I was invited to ride some Northumberland County trails on a borrowed fat bike, and my conversion into an all-season rider happened almost instantly.

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Exterior of Escape Maze, a set that looks like a Western movie

Peterborough’s Escape Maze: Gold Rushes, Games, and Zombies

“Observation is probably the biggest thing—noticing small details,” Fred Preddy says. He’s sitting in an evocatively lit parlour, wearing a waistcoat that would have been the height of fashion a century and a half ago. As one of the owner-operators of Escape Maze south of Peterborough, Fred’s used to fielding questions about how the experiences at his interactive gaming facility are designed.

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VIntage weigh scales at Lang Pioneer Village

Meet the Farmers: The Story of Red Fife Wheat

The David Fife cabin is far from the grandest building on the grounds of Lang Pioneer Village. It’s a rustic 18’ x 14’ room, built in the 1825 by new immigrants racing to complete their shelter before the cold hit. Apart from a window into life two hundred years ago, however, the cabin is significant for another reason—it was the first Canadian home of a family that that would leave an indelible mark on agriculture in North America.

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Tessa and Kumiko Uchikura pose for a portrait on their farm

Meet the Farmers: A Taste of the Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market

Maicey Benjamin “doesn’t do titles”—but as a founding member of the Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market, he’s been a driving force for one of the area’s most important local food destinations for over a decade. Every Saturday from May to October, the Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market sets up on the Bobcaygeon Fairground, selling goods grown or produced within

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Meet the Farmers: Moore Orchards and Market & Smør

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh fruit—and for a few weeks in summer, Northumberland’s Moore Orchards is like an all-natural candy store. When their pick-your-own strawberry patch is in season visitors come from across the region and beyond, drawn by the quality produce and the chance to connect with the places their food comes from. What doesn’t get picked by customers goes into the local food scene in other ways, including helping Cobourg’s zero-waste grocery store Market & Smør achieve their sustainability goals. It’s a virtuous cycle that benefits both producers and entrepreneurs, not to mention consumers looking to eat healthy and eat local.

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Meet the Musicians: Live Performances

If you enjoyed the Meet the Musicians series, you can now listen to the complete recordings that appear in each artist’s video profile. Performing at venues across Kawarthas Northumberland, all six musicians gave heartfelt performances that deserve to be heard in their entirety. Thanks again to Kate Boothman, Beau Dixon, Close Kicks, Cale Crowe, Melissa

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Kate Boothman performs onstage at the Ganaraska Hotel

Meet the Musicians—Kate Boothman

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture, so the saying goes. It can be hard for a musician to describe what they do, which is why Kate Boothman invented a new genre to describe her latest album, My Next Mistake. “It’s a really relaxing record about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, so we called it massage rock,” she says, laughing. “It’s versatile—it can be played acoustic, it can be played loud electric, but I’m a singer-songwriter, essentially.”

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Beau Dixon performs on a grand piano, and is partly reflected in the glossy raised lid

Meet the Musicians—Beau Dixon

At the start of 2020, Beau Dixon wasn’t sure where his career was headed. Even as a multidisciplinary artist with credits in music, theatre, and television, the closure of so many performance venues was nerve-wracking. “The first few months were very scary—how’s this going to work, what am I going to do, should I go back to school, you know, take up plumbing,” he recalls. In one of the pandemic’s many unpredictable twists, he found himself working on two prestige TV productions instead. “Weirdly enough, this has been the most successful two years of my life, my career, primarily because I landed a TV series called Station Eleven. I had a substantial role in that and another series, a sci-fi series called The Expanse. So that helped during my rainy days.”

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