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Drone view of Hastings in winter
The holiday season is here, and many of us are wondering how to find memorable, meaningful gifts for friends and […]
Three cyclists in a snowy forest
Until last winter, I’d never been on a fat bike. I’d cycled Kawarthas Northumberland thoroughly in the warmer months—the region is crisscrossed with rail trails and backroads…
Exterior of Escape Maze, a set that looks like a Western movie
“Observation is probably the biggest thing—noticing small details,” Fred Preddy says. He’s sitting in an evocatively lit parlour, wearing a waistcoat that would have been…
VIntage weigh scales at Lang Pioneer Village
The David Fife cabin is far from the grandest building on the grounds of Lang Pioneer Village. It’s a rustic 18’ x 14’ room, built…
Tessa and Kumiko Uchikura pose for a portrait on their farm
Maicey Benjamin “doesn’t do titles”—but as a founding member of the Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market, he’s been a driving force for […]
Small bushels of Moore Orchards strawberries
Nothing compares to the taste of fresh fruit—and for a few weeks in summer, Northumberland’s Moore Orchards is like an all-natural candy store. When their…
If you enjoyed the Meet the Musicians series, you can now listen to the complete recordings that appear in each […]

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