Meet the Farmers: The Story of Red Fife Wheat

VIntage weigh scales at Lang Pioneer Village

The David Fife cabin is far from the grandest building on the grounds of Lang Pioneer Village. It’s a rustic 18’ x 14’ room, built in the 1825 by new immigrants racing to complete their shelter before the cold hit. Apart from a window into life two hundred years ago, however, the cabin is significant for another reason—it was the first Canadian home of a family that that would leave an indelible mark on agriculture in North America.

Meet the Farmers: Moore Orchards and Market & Smør

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh fruit—and for a few weeks in summer, Northumberland’s Moore Orchards is like an all-natural candy store. When their pick-your-own strawberry patch is in season visitors come from across the region and beyond, drawn by the quality produce and the chance to connect with the places their food comes from. What doesn’t get picked by customers goes into the local food scene in other ways, including helping Cobourg’s zero-waste grocery store Market & Smør achieve their sustainability goals. It’s a virtuous cycle that benefits both producers and entrepreneurs, not to mention consumers looking to eat healthy and eat local.