Travel Sustainably

Learn about the people, organizations, and businesses working to keep Kawarthas Northumberland green for future generations

Kawarthas Northumberland is fortunate to have so much precious green space. From the dramatically varied landscapes that make Peterborough & the Kawarthas part of “The Land Between” to the annual Ganaraska salmon run in Northumberland County to the globally rare limestone plain landscapes of Carden Alvar in Kawartha Lakes, there’s a lot that must be preserved and protected.

Fortunately, ecologically minded groups throughout the region are ready to take on the task of being good stewards of the land. A prime example is Elmhirst’s Resort, a family-run accommodation that pulls off the tricky balance between sustainability and modern convenience with wisdom and style. You can see a few of the ways they strive to leave a small footprint in the documentary below, “Staying Rural.”

Of course, Elmhirst’s is just one of the places that’s working towards a sustainable future. Keep scrolling to discover other ways people are working to tread lightly and respect the environment that supports us all.


Ste. Anne’s Spa

Elmhirst’s is far from the only resort in Kawarthas Northumberland taking a sustainability-forward approach. Northumberland County’s Ste. Anne’s Spa applies the same careful, expert approach to caring for their environment they do to pampering their guests.

Waste reduction is a priority at Ste. Anne’s, which offers reusable hydration stations instead of bottled water and uses carbon-neutral packaging on products made in-house. They also use organic gardening practices on their grounds, so you know the beautiful lawns you stroll through are herbicide-free. Other consideration include energy-efficient appliances and reforestation efforts—browse the full list here.

Indulging yourself or a loved one doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet, and knowing you’ve made an ecological choice will make your stay at the spa that much more relaxing.

Meet the Organizations Keeping Kawarthas Northumberland Green

We love exploring the wild trails and open plains of our region, but there are complex factors at play when it comes to land stewardship. Conservation groups have done an incredible job combatting invasive species, preserving wildlife corridors, and organizing outdoor education events.

In this series of conservation articles, you’ll meet people in every corner of region working diligently to protect the beauty and diversity of the region.

Agritourism and Education

All kids instinctively love animals, and it’s the job of their caregivers to nurture that respect for nature into adulthood. Of course, the learning doesn’t stop no matter how old you are, so all ages can benefit from an informed perspective. From high welfare animal husbandry to outdoor education to energy and resource-saving advice, below you’ll find links to places and organizations that offer tours, info sessions, and other means to get involved.