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If you enjoyed the Meet the Musicians series, you can now listen to the complete recordings that appear in each […]
Kate Boothman performs onstage at the Ganaraska Hotel
Talking about music is like dancing about architecture, so the saying goes. It can be hard for a musician to describe what they do, which…
Beau Dixon performs on a grand piano, and is partly reflected in the glossy raised lid
At the start of 2020, Beau Dixon wasn’t sure where his career was headed. Even as a multidisciplinary artist with credits in music, theatre, and…
Darryl James and Luis Segura perform onstage at the Academy Theatre
We’re used to seeing far-off places in our media. New York lofts, tropical beaches, Icelandic vistas—all perks of living in the Internet age. But it…
Cale Crowe performs onstage at Victoria Hall
A mark of professionalism in music is control over dynamics—the understanding of how to move between quiet and loud for maximum impact. Watching Cale Crowe…
Melissa Payne sits beside her guitar in the seats at Market Hall
Melissa Payne sits in the front row of Peterborough’s Market Hall, having just stepped off stage after a performance of her song “September Skies.” Like…
Kelly Burrows performs with her acoustic guitar onstage at the Murphy Barn, Kawartha Settlers' Village
Music scenes don't happen automatically. They must be nurtured, week after week and month after month, by disciplined and passionate individuals who offer their energy…

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