Kawarthas Northumberland’s many lakes and rivers offer excellent multi-species fishing opportunities

Throughout Kawarthas Northumberland, you’ll find calm conditions and stunning four-season fishing in over 350 pristine lakes and rivers amongst some of Ontario’s most scenic surroundings. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get hooked on this rewarding sport or a seasoned fisherman aiming to catch your personal-best, the lakes and rivers of Kawarthas Northumberland are a true angler’s paradise!

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With so much choice, how do you find the right spots for you? We’ve asked the experts. Some of Canada’s most experienced guides work these waters. Take a look at our blog to get valuable insights, tips & tricks (as well as local hot spots) directly from local pro Chris Huskilson. We’ve gathered it all together for you here. It’s a sure-fire recipe for some of the best freshwater fishing you’ll ever experience.


The region has no shortage of opportunity to cast your line and feel the thrill of that first bite. Whether you’re looking to catch a muskie, pike, walleye, large or smallmouth bass, panfish, gar, or carp, there are many resorts in the region that offer boat rental packages and we also have an abundance of fish-from-shore locations and public boat launches where you can catch the fish of a lifetime.


Kawarthas Northumberland offers some of the best multi-species fishing in the province. Cast your line and enjoy the fall colours as you wait for a bite. With the comfortable weather, calm waters and little-to-no traffic, fall may just be the most perfect time of year for fishing. You can also find additional fishing inspiration (and pro tips and hot spots from a local expert) by taking a read through our fishing blog.


If you want to put your boat in the water, in any of our over 350 lakes and rivers, you need to start somewhere—and that somewhere is usually a public boat ramp. Our resident fishing blogger, Chris Huskilson, has provided a list of some of the public ramps and the fish from shore GPS coordinates.

LakePublic Ramp CoordinatesFish from Shore Coordinates
Katchawanooka Lake 44° 25’47.8″N 78° 16‘11.2″W
Little Lake (Peterborough) 44°17’55.5″N 78°18’17.9″W
Little Lake (Peterborough) 44 17’58.5″N 78 18’31.7″W
Little Lake (Peterborough) 44 17’48.6″N 78 18’57.8″W
Little Lake (Peterborough) 44 17’36.0″N 78 19’00.1″W
Mitchell Lake 44° 34.035‘ N 78° 57.391 W
Otonabee River 44° 12‘43.0″N 78° 21‘18.1″W
Otonabee River 44°24’59.5″N 78°15’55.5″W
Otonabee River 44 12’56.0″N 78 14’00.8″W
Otonabee River 44 12’56.0″N 78 14’00.8″W
Otonabee River 44 22’22.4″N 78 17’14.8″W
Otonabee River 44 22’10.5″N 78 17’27.3″W
Otonabee River 44 21’11.1″N 78 17’33.7″W
Stony Lake 44° 32‘01.7″N 78° 08‘40.0″W
Rice Lake44°14’30.0″N 78°09’30.9″W 
Rice Lake44°15’50.5″N 78°03’48.1″W44°15’49.5″N 78°03’47.2″W
Pigeon Lake44°18’01.5″N 78°33’21.1″W44°18’01.5″N 78°33’21.1″W
Pigeon Lake44°35’11.6″N 78°30’41.2″W 
Stoney Lake44°32’01.7″N 78°08’40.0″W 
Stoney Lake44°33’54.2″N 78°08’17.1″W 
Balsam Lake44°34.421’N 78°47.661’W 
Balsam Lake44°34.676’N 78°53.718’W 
Scugog Lake44°9.661’N 78°49.948’W 
Scugog Lake44°6.445’N 78°56.613’W 
Round Lake44°30’18.2″N 77°52’35.5″W 
Crowe Lake44°28’16.6″N 77°46’02.5″W 
Jack’s Lake44°42’39.4″N 78°03’57.3″W 
Chandos Lake44°50’31.9″N 77°59’00.5″W 
Canal Lake44° 33.608‘ N 79° 2.744‘ W 
Otonabee River44° 24‘59.5″N 78° 15‘55.5″W 
Otonabee River44° 22‘03.8″N 78° 17‘26.0″W 
Otonabee River44° 21‘13.9″N 78° 17‘27.9″W 
Otonabee River44° 19‘32.3″N 78° 18‘11.5″W 
Otonabee River44° 16‘48.7″N 78° 18‘59.4″W 
Otonabee River44° 16‘26.6″N 78° 19‘26.1″W 
Otonabee River44° 12‘43.0″N 78° 21‘18.1″W 
Otonabee River44° 11‘04.5″N 78° 20‘09.8″W 
Otonabee River44° 12‘04.3″N 78° 18‘29.0″W 
Otonabee River44° 12‘19.3″N 78° 16‘49.0″W 
Otonabee River44° 12‘55.6″N 78° 13‘59.9″W 
Dalrymple Lake44° 38.416‘ N 79° 6.699‘ W 
Mitchell Lake44° 34.035‘ N 78° 57.391 W 
Katchawanooka Lake44° 25‘38.5″N 78° 16‘16.6″W 
Kasshabog Lake44° 36‘39.2″N 77° 59‘31.9″W 
Mississauga Lake44° 42.534‘N 78° 19.700‘ W 
Salmon Lake44° 49.559‘N 78° 26.831‘ W 
Gull Lake44° 49.240‘N 78° 46.670‘ W 
Little Boshkung Lake45° 0.363‘N 78° 42.227‘ W 
Otonabee River44° 24‘59.5″N 78° 15‘55.5″W 
Little Lake44° 17‘55.5″N 78° 18‘17.9″W 
Sturgeon Lake44.36329 N 78.73700 W44.363557 N 78.737161 W
Burnt River44.782447 N 78.651960 W 
Lovesick Lake44.558 N 78.208 W 
Gull River44.74390 N 78.82477 W 
Bass Lake44.67863 N 78.52511 W 
Cameron Lake44.53726 N 78.74132 W 
Big Cedar44.60154 N 78.16528 W 
Coon Lake44.60289 N 78.19526 W 
Belmont Lake44.4860283 N 77.8176624 W 
Little Boshkung Lake45 2.710′ N 78 43.199′ W


Drive past a good fishing lake in Kawarthas Northumberland during the winter and chances are good you’ll see a smattering of ice huts out on the water. Ice fishing puts a unique twist on familiar activity, and it’s accessible to participants of all ages. The biggest challenge for some people is knowing how to get started, so we’ve put together a handful of options to help make it fun and easy.

Family Fishing Weekend

The best place for a newbie to try their hand at ice fishing is at the OFAH Family Fishing Weekend. This annual tradition takes place over the Family Day weekend and allows fishing without a license, making for a convenient and affordable outing. Equipment is provided through the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ TackleShare program. All holes are pre-drilled, and prizes are dished out to keep young fisherfolk engaged. Ice conditions are checked regularly leading up to the event to ensure a safe experience for the 1,000 expected participants. 

If this event sounds intriguing, shuttles depart regularly to BEL Rotary Park north of Peterborough and experts are on site to demonstrate the tools of the trade. Chemong Lake provides an excellent habitat for perch, bluegill, and crappie, so odds of landing a catch are good. Just note if you’re having a very lucky day on the ice, all regular license limits must still be observed.


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The Kawarthas Northumberland blog is the place to go for longer stories and additional recommendations. Browse the articles below to find out more about fishing in the region.

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If you’re seeking advice on non-motorized canoe, kayak, and SUP destinations, visit our Paddling page.

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