The diversity of Kawarthas Northumberland’s ecosystems makes for truly outstanding birding

Kawarthas Northumberland is home to some of Ontario’s best birdwatching destinations. Carden Alvar Provincial Park and Presqu’ile Provincial Park are internationally recognized Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, and both of these parks rank amongst the Top 5 spots for birdwatching in Ontario. Over 338 species have been spotted at Presqu’ile Provincial Park alone. Peterborough and the Kawarthas offer a chance to see a huge variety as well, thanks to its “transition zone” geography. Encompassing the rugged Canadian Shield to the north and gentler agricultural lands to the south means the region houses an impressive diversity of species. Curious? Get more info on our blog.

Whether you’re working on your own “Big Year” or you just love seeing our fine feathered friends, Kawarthas Northumberland has some hidden gems for you to discover. Find all the info at the links here.


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