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Read about the people, places, businesses, and history that make Kawarthas Northumberland special

A black crappie against a white background

Late Fall Crappie Fishing

Unseasonably warm weather in the Kawarthas this fall has really opened up opportunities for the “not so hardcore” angler to take advantage of some of the best fishing of the season without having to brave the elements.

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A man in a ballcap holds up two freshly caught fish

Summer Fishing in the Kawarthas

The summer fishing season in the Kawarthas is truly an exciting time for any angler. Every imaginable season is now open and accessible by land or by boat for just about anyone.

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Closeup of hands using a spokeshave to carve a paddle

Artisans of the Canadian Canoe Museum

This is the Canadian Canoe Museum. It’s the heart of all things Canadian, multi-cultural, and artisanal. It’s home to the biggest collection of canoes and kayaks in the world, some of them several hundred years old.

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Smiling man holds a fish towards the camera

8 Recommendations for Late Fall Fishing

Late fall right through to ice up presents some of the greatest Muskie and Smallmouth bass fishing of the year in the Kawarthas Northumberland region of Ontario. Your opportunity to truly catch a legend awaits right here. Come see for yourself!

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