6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Kawarthas Northumberland

A chill is in the air, the leaves have turned, and gravestones are sprouting like mushrooms on front lawns everywhere — Halloween must be drawing closer. Whether you’re looking for ways to entertain the kids on an October weekend or an adult who never lost the taste for a good scare, here’s a sampling of spooky seasonal events from around Kawarthas Northumberland.

Eclecticism Is on the Menu at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table

When I arrive at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table, head chef Eric Dreher is halfway through preparing the dishes for their spring menu. Each new item is being prepped for photographing for use on their website, which gives me a chance to see several of the Social’s offerings lined up down the bar. They look so good it’s hard to take my eyes off them as I sit down at the bar.

Warkworth’s True Saffron: World-Class Spice Arrives on the Local Food Scene

Vial of True Saffron on a black background

Saffron’s reputation precedes it. The spice’s delicate, alluring flavour and vibrant colour have made it one of the world’s most sought after ingredients for centuries, but less well-known is the fact Ontario has its very own producer in the form of Warkworth’s True Saffron. Co-owners Martin Albert and Eric Charbonneau embarked on a grand experiment in 2016, and the results have delighted foodies since.

Black Currants at Popham Lane: A European Favourite Finds Fertile Ground in Ontario

A basket containing black currant products from Popham Lane Farm

For some, black currants are a nostalgic flavour. They evoke memories of friends and family in the UK or continental Europe, where the berries are a comforting staple. For others black currants are a new frontier, a sweet, tart alternative to the classic range of Ontario fruits. Joe Hayes is in the former camp, but as owner of Popham Lane Farm near Presqu’ile Provincial Park, he’s eager to spread the word.