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Paddling from Balsam Lake west

A paddling trip to Kawarthas Northumberland can give you more quality time with your family and friends and less time in the car. Check out these four routes, each selected because it offers a great escape into nature, has rental canoes and/or kayaks available right on the route, and accommodations nearby.

The Trent-Severn Waterway is full of hidden gems, places where you can take in the delicious food and fun activities of a small town, and also paddle around the corner to escape into a provincial park or other secluded wilderness area. Watch the videos from each route to see for yourself. Get out on the water. Disconnect from your daily distractions and forge unforgettable memories that connect us to who and where we are.

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Videos of Each Route
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Photo of child by a campfire

Pack the car, grab the kids, and hit the road and escape for some time together. Sometimes all it takes is a change of place, a slightly different daily routine, some peace and quiet (or some concerts & noise!). Disconnect from the rest of the world. Reconnect with each other.

Teach your kids how to properly build a camp fire, put up a tent, and roast s’mores. Surround yourself with beautiful forested areas and pristine lakes and waterways. Enjoy an abundance of activities at one of our resorts. From trails, water skiing, boating, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking (or skiing, curling, skating, and snowmobiling in the winter) there will be something for each member of your family to get outside and explore.

Share new experiences. Pique your children’s curiosity to learn & try new things with the awe of nature. Teach them how to properly tie a lure and bait a hook and watch the excitement in their eyes grow as they hook their first fish. Take them to the Petroglyphs Provincial Park and see them marvel at the largest concentration of aboriginal rock carvings in Canada while engaging with this history of this land and its people.

New experiences with your children will not only expand their horizons, but they will also allow you as parents to share in their growth.

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