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Interior of Fife Cabin at Lang Pioneer Village, showing 1825 period artifacts including spinning wheel, fireplace, and baby crib
Wall to wall and floor to ceiling, the room is filled with artifacts of a bygone age: colourful tins of […]
A pink and white box branded Unwrapped, with the lid set to the side and the contents showing, which include a card with hearts, a cloth bag, and a small bottle
In a year that’s been short on pleasant surprises, it’s especially nice when a box full of comfort shows up […]
Steph Buckley and Holly Suddick stand at the counter of Rustically Signed
“There’s a lot of variety in here, that’s for sure,” Steph Buckley says, laughing. She pauses for a breath after […]
Interior of Watson & Lou consignment store in Peterborough
You can’t visit Watson & Lou’s brick and mortar storefront at the moment, so for now a description will have […]
A couple looks out over a viewpoint in Northumberland County
By now, it’s cliché to say that 2020 was a tough year. There’s hardly an aspect of life that wasn’t […]
A woman's hand selects a book from a shelf
You might already know about Kawarthas Northumberland’s literary legacy. Major Canadian authors like Margaret Laurence, Robertson Davies, Farley Mowat, and […]
A selection of beer cans and a poured pint from Kawarthas Northumberland craft breweries
Remember when local microbrews were few and far between? Fortunately for Ontario beer lovers, there’s been an explosion of creativity […]
Closeup of produce at a farmers' market in fall
Fall is here, and with it a bounty of fresh local food. If the harvest makes you think it’s time […]

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