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Trent-Severn Waterway

Welcome to Hastings

  • Nestled in a picturesque valley at the eastern end of Rice Lake is the beautiful village of Hastings.
  • Get travel info via Northumberland Tourism by clicking here.
  • If you’ve been touring around Rice Lake starting at Bewdley in the west, then you can stop through Hiawatha First Nation, Lang Pioneer Village, Elmhirst’s Resort, and Cross Wind Farms en route to Hastings at the east end of Rice Lake. If you’re touring east of Hastings, you’ll connect with Campbellford, Westben Arts Festival Theatre, and Ferris Provincial Park!


  • This proud little village was named the “Ultimate Fishing Town” by the World Fishing Network in 2012. Hastings is a great place to drop a line and soak up the peaceful scenery.
  • Every year in May you can experience “Hastings Midnight Madness” as the town meets at the Hastings Bridge and Lock 18 to celebrate the opening of fishing season. The Hastings Bridge is the only bridge in Ontario where fishing is permitted.

Move Yourself

Traveling by boat? You can head the other direction through Campbellford.

Cycling or hiking? The Trans Canada Trail gives you two great options to explore from Hastings.

  1. West of Hastings you can explore along the Lang-Hastings Trail, which is one of the newest sections of the Trans Canada Trail. This flat, crushed limestone trail takes you along the beautiful northern edge of Rice Lake and up north through picturesque farmlands, a beaver dam, and Lang Pioneer Village in Keene. (Get Keene travel tips here.)
  2. East out of Hastings, you can follow the Trans Canada Trail beside Water Street from Banjo’s Café, turn left along Cedar Drive, and continue into the wooded shores of the Trent Severn Waterway. After a short while the trail curves right, heading south and taking you past Highway 35 near the curiously named village of Godolphin. As the trail crosses Highway 35, take a short detour half a mile east to Twoloom Alpacas. Visit some alpacas and enjoy a unique shopping experience. Get a pair of alpaca socks or insoles to keep your feet happy as you continue hiking! If you keep following the Trans Canada Trail for roughly 6km, you’ll end up at West Corners (highway 35 meets Highway 30), near the Westben Arts Festival Theatre! Another two kilometers along the trail and you’ll meet back up with the Trent Severn Waterway in Campbellford! That route from Hastings to Campbellford along the Trans Canada Trail is roughly 16km, so be ready for a long round-trip of cycling or, if hiking, partner up with some family or friends in a second car for a one-way shuttle trip. Of course, you can also plan your trip with an overnight stay in Hastings or Campbellford! Whatever your plan, get travel tips for Campbellford here.

Where to Stay

Eats & Treats

  • Enjoy some tasty bites at the Captain’s Table, McGillicafey’s Pub and Eatery, or Banjo’s Grill.


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