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Top Tips for Things to do in & around Curve Lake First Nation

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• Search for “Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre” on our Trip Planner and you’ll get a neat perspective on how central this community is to the Trent Severn Waterway, located halfway between Bobcaygeon and Lakefield.

The Curve Lake First Nation is located on a long peninsula between Upper Buckhorn Lake and Chemong Lake.

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 Move Yourself

• Curve Lake First Nation is situated along the Trent Severn Waterway, so you can rent a houseboat near Bobcaygeon and travel by Curve Lake. You can also rent from a nearby outfitter and paddle or power boat your way from Chemong Lake to the Curve Lake peninsula. Kawartha Adventure Rentals, for example, is located right on Chemong Lake.

• Check out the Curve Lake Boardwalk and other great trails.

The Curve Lake peninsula is a beautiful area to explore by boat.

Must-see & Must-do

• The Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre serves as a focal point for this First Nations community and visitors to the area. You can stop by to learn about local and regional First Nations culture and arts. The Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre offers a variety of instructional and entertaining experiences, as well as exhibitions, on a cost recovery basis.

• At 872 Mississauga Street in Coe Hill, you’ll find the remarkable Curve Lake Cenotaph. This cenotaph is a tribute to the members of the Curve Lake First Nations Band who served in the major armed conflicts of the last century.

• The Whetung Ojibwa Centre is a spectacular collection of First Nations crafts and art. Open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm, this is not to be missed.

The Whetung Ojibwa Centre is a must-do experience.

• If you’re interested in local fishing, get in touch with Williams Outfitters.

Savour the Seasons

• Experience the gatherings and celebrations of First Nation’s peoples. Curve Lake hosts two annual Pow Wows, one in the spring and another on the third weekend in September. The general public and visitors are welcome to attend these remarkable events. Get info here.

The Curve Lake First Nation has two annual Pow Wow gatherings.

• When you visit the Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre, be sure to learn about the history of the First Nations in the region and their close connection to the seasons of the year. In particular, this area is well-known for rice harvesting.

Curve Lake has a long tradition of local Rice Harvesting.

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