Meet the Makers: Angela Roest of Centre & Main Chocolate Co.

Angela Roest of Centre & Main Chocolate Co. stands in front of a wall of her chocolate bars

Is there a connection between fine jewelry and artisanal chocolate? Angela Roest, award-winning chocolatier and owner of Warkworth’s Centre & Main Chocolate Co., thinks so: “It’s the creation of something that will be cherished by somebody else. Giving pleasure, aesthetic or gastronomic.” The connection is more than a metaphor for Roest, who left a career … Read more

Restaurant Renaissance: New and Newly Renovated Eateries in Kawarthas Northumberland

A table covered in a barbecue feast

After a long and trying lockdown, Kawarthas Northumberland is feeling cautiously optimistic. While COVID-19 protection is still a priority, vaccination and other safety protocols have made it safer to step out and enjoy some of the in-person experiences so many of us have been missing. Better yet, local restauranteurs have braved the uncertainty to bring us new and exciting flavours. Read on to discover why we’re calling it the Restaurant Renaissance.

Maple Syrup Sugar Bushes to Visit this Spring

A man pours maple syrup on snow at a sugar shack in Kawarthas Northumberland

With spring comes maple syrup, and Kawarthas Northumberland is packed with ways to celebrate the season. Keep an eye out for our local producers at grocers and farmer’s markets throughout the region, but to really experience local maple syrup at its freshest and finest you need to go straight to the source. Here are five … Read more

The Quest for the Perfect Butter Tart: A Visit to Fenelon Falls

A butter tart on a wall beside Fenelon Falls

I’ve just arrived in Fenelon Falls and I’m charmed already. The Trent-Severn Waterway passes right through the centre of town, where the eponymous falls power a hydro dam. Lock 34 sits on the other side of a concrete quay, and walking out to the tip of it I can see the falls on my left and a topiary hedge that spells “Fenelon Falls” on the other.

Eclecticism Is on the Menu at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table

When I arrive at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table, head chef Eric Dreher is halfway through preparing the dishes for their spring menu. Each new item is being prepped for photographing for use on their website, which gives me a chance to see several of the Social’s offerings lined up down the bar. They look so good it’s hard to take my eyes off them as I sit down at the bar.

Warkworth’s True Saffron: World-Class Spice Arrives on the Local Food Scene

Vial of True Saffron on a black background

Saffron’s reputation precedes it. The spice’s delicate, alluring flavour and vibrant colour have made it one of the world’s most sought after ingredients for centuries, but less well-known is the fact Ontario has its very own producer in the form of Warkworth’s True Saffron. Co-owners Martin Albert and Eric Charbonneau embarked on a grand experiment in 2016, and the results have delighted foodies since.