Restaurant Renaissance: New and Newly Renovated Eateries in Kawarthas Northumberland

A table covered in a barbecue feast

After a long and trying lockdown, Kawarthas Northumberland is feeling cautiously optimistic. While COVID-19 protection is still a priority, vaccination and other safety protocols have made it safer to step out and enjoy some of the in-person experiences so many of us have been missing. Better yet, local restauranteurs have braved the uncertainty to bring us new and exciting flavours. Read on to discover why we’re calling it the Restaurant Renaissance.

Fall Exploration: Our Recommended Hike and Brewery Pairings

Every beer drinker knows a brew tastes better when you’ve earned it. Preferences also change by season—a crisp lager is never better than in the high heat of summer, and cooler weather makes a rich flavour like porter especially appealing. These fundamentals combine beautifully in Kawarthas Northumberland, where an abundance of hiking trails meets a … Read more

Raise a Glass with these Kawarthas Northumberland Craft Breweries

Remember when local microbrews were few and far between? Fortunately for Ontario beer lovers, there’s been an explosion of creativity over the last decade or so. Regional brews are now well represented at the LCBO and taprooms across the province, and Kawarthas Northumberland has a number of excellent offerings. It’s never been easier to find … Read more

Eclecticism Is on the Menu at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table

When I arrive at Port Hope’s The Social Bar and Table, head chef Eric Dreher is halfway through preparing the dishes for their spring menu. Each new item is being prepped for photographing for use on their website, which gives me a chance to see several of the Social’s offerings lined up down the bar. They look so good it’s hard to take my eyes off them as I sit down at the bar.

Local Food Meets Peterborough Tradition at the Publican House Brew Pub

Vegetarian pizza from the Publican House Brew Pub

The Publican House is something of a torchbearer for Peterborough culture. The craft brewery recently celebrated its tenth year in business, but its name is so familiar many locals will tell you it feels like it’s always been there. With Publican taps and cans popping up at restaurants, stores, and festivals all over the province, that recognition seems to be spreading. It’s fitting the Publican House’s latest initiative, a brew pub serving local food and in-house pints, has taken up residence in a 170-year-old building with its own longstanding reputation on the Peterborough scene.