Life on the Farm: Agritourism at Harley Farms

A hand-painted sign reading "Tours Check-In," surrounded by gourds

Harley Farms is built on strong fundamentals. The Keene-area farm produces high welfare beef, pork, and lamb, as well as eggs, chicken, and turkey. That means ensuring their animals are free from stress, hunger, and thirst, as well as free to exhibit natural behaviours such as foraging and roaming. On top of that foundation, they’ve added agritourism experiences to help show the public exactly what that means.

Meet the Makers: Mariposa Woolen Mill & Farm Market

View down a snowy trail at Ken Reid Conservation Area

Mill & Farm Market Ellen Edney, and farm manager Karyn Boyd, giving a comprehensive answer takes a little extra time. “There’s the Mariposa Woolen Mill and the Farm Market, so we have two different kinds of things happening on the same property,” Edney says. “The farm market is more the retail side of things, offering the location for different artisanal products, foods, local produce, that kind of thing, as well as incorporating agritourism into the farm life here.” The retail business and suite of events offered by Mariposa year-round, however, are in addition to the day-to-day operation of the woolen mill. “We produce all-Canadian product made with Canadian wool, so we do everything from washing other people’s fibres for custom work, to finishing yarns, rovings, that kind of thing… Yeah, we have a lot going on.”

Maple Syrup Sugar Bushes to Visit this Spring

A man pours maple syrup on snow at a sugar shack in Kawarthas Northumberland

With spring comes maple syrup, and Kawarthas Northumberland is packed with ways to celebrate the season. Keep an eye out for our local producers at grocers and farmer’s markets throughout the region, but to really experience local maple syrup at its freshest and finest you need to go straight to the source. Here are five … Read more

Warkworth’s True Saffron: World-Class Spice Arrives on the Local Food Scene

Vial of True Saffron on a black background

Saffron’s reputation precedes it. The spice’s delicate, alluring flavour and vibrant colour have made it one of the world’s most sought after ingredients for centuries, but less well-known is the fact Ontario has its very own producer in the form of Warkworth’s True Saffron. Co-owners Martin Albert and Eric Charbonneau embarked on a grand experiment in 2016, and the results have delighted foodies since.

Black Currants at Popham Lane: A European Favourite Finds Fertile Ground in Ontario

A basket containing black currant products from Popham Lane Farm

For some, black currants are a nostalgic flavour. They evoke memories of friends and family in the UK or continental Europe, where the berries are a comforting staple. For others black currants are a new frontier, a sweet, tart alternative to the classic range of Ontario fruits. Joe Hayes is in the former camp, but as owner of Popham Lane Farm near Presqu’ile Provincial Park, he’s eager to spread the word.

Attention to Detail Makes the Difference at Harley Farms

“Part of being a farmer is you’ve got to know lots of things.” James Harley speaks from experience. He and his family don’t just raise lamb, beef, pork, and chicken on their property near Keene, Ontario — they do it to the highest animal welfare standards while running a successful retail and wholesale operation. Along with his wife Jessica, parents Roger and Julie, and sister Emily, James and family take an approach to farming that emphasizes interconnectedness and stewardship.

Experience Maple Syrup in Kawarthas Northumberland

Maple syrup candy on a tray of clean snow

To many Canadians, sap buckets and tubing slung between trees are as much a sign of spring as melting snow and birdsong. In my household last year’s supply of maple syrup has usually run dry by the time March rolls around, and we start looking forward to the next harvest. This year my wife & son & I refilled our stores at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival, and took in the weekend’s attractions while we were at it.