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Public Boat Ramp GPS Coordinates

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A man and a woman stand in motorboat fishing, with a white dog positioned in between

If you want to put your boat in the water, in any of our over 350 lakes and rivers, you need to start somewhere. That somewhere is usually a public boat ramp. Our resident fishing blogger, Chris Huskilson, has provided a list of some of the public ramps and the fish from shore GPS coordinates.

LakePublic Ramp CoordinatesFish from Shore Coordinates
Katchawanooka Lake44° 25'47.8"N 78° 16‘11.2"W
Little Lake (Peterborough)44°17'55.5"N 78°18'17.9"W
Little Lake (Peterborough)44 17’58.5″N 78 18’31.7″W
Little Lake (Peterborough)44 17’48.6″N 78 18’57.8″W
Little Lake (Peterborough)44 17’36.0″N 78 19’00.1″W
Mitchell Lake44° 34.035‘ N 78° 57.391 W
Otonabee River44° 12‘43.0"N 78° 21‘18.1"W
Otonabee River44°24'59.5"N 78°15’55.5"W
Otonabee River44 12’56.0″N 78 14’00.8″W
Otonabee River44 12’56.0″N 78 14’00.8″W
Otonabee River44 22’22.4″N 78 17’14.8″W
Otonabee River44 22’10.5″N 78 17’27.3″W
Otonabee River44 21’11.1″N 78 17’33.7″W
Stony Lake44° 32‘01.7"N 78° 08‘40.0"W
Rice Lake44°14'30.0"N 78°09'30.9"W
Rice Lake44°15'50.5"N 78°03'48.1"W44°15'49.5"N 78°03'47.2"W
Pigeon Lake44°18'01.5"N 78°33'21.1"W44°18'01.5"N 78°33'21.1"W
Pigeon Lake44°35'11.6"N 78°30'41.2"W
Stoney Lake44°32'01.7"N 78°08'40.0"W
Stoney Lake44°33'54.2"N 78°08'17.1"W
Balsam Lake44°34.421'N 78°47.661'W
Balsam Lake44°34.676'N 78°53.718'W
Scugog Lake44°9.661'N 78°49.948'W
Scugog Lake44°6.445'N 78°56.613'W
Round Lake44°30'18.2"N 77°52'35.5"W
Crowe Lake44°28'16.6"N 77°46'02.5"W
Jack’s Lake44°42'39.4"N 78°03'57.3"W
Chandos Lake44°50'31.9"N 77°59'00.5"W
Canal Lake44° 33.608‘ N 79° 2.744‘ W
Otonabee River44° 24‘59.5"N 78° 15‘55.5"W
Otonabee River44° 22‘03.8"N 78° 17‘26.0"W
Otonabee River44° 21‘13.9"N 78° 17‘27.9"W
Otonabee River44° 19‘32.3"N 78° 18‘11.5"W
Otonabee River44° 16‘48.7"N 78° 18‘59.4"W
Otonabee River44° 16‘26.6"N 78° 19‘26.1"W
Otonabee River44° 12‘43.0"N 78° 21‘18.1"W
Otonabee River44° 11‘04.5"N 78° 20‘09.8"W
Otonabee River44° 12‘04.3"N 78° 18‘29.0"W
Otonabee River44° 12‘19.3"N 78° 16‘49.0"W
Otonabee River44° 12‘55.6"N 78° 13‘59.9"W
Dalrymple Lake44° 38.416‘ N 79° 6.699‘ W
Mitchell Lake44° 34.035‘ N 78° 57.391 W
Katchawanooka Lake44° 25‘38.5"N 78° 16‘16.6"W
Kasshabog Lake44° 36‘39.2"N 77° 59‘31.9"W
Mississauga Lake44° 42.534‘N 78° 19.700‘ W
Salmon Lake44° 49.559‘N 78° 26.831‘ W
Gull Lake44° 49.240‘N 78° 46.670‘ W
Little Boshkung Lake45° 0.363‘N 78° 42.227‘ W
Otonabee River44° 24‘59.5"N 78° 15‘55.5"W
Little Lake44° 17‘55.5"N 78° 18‘17.9"W
Sturgeon Lake44.36329 N 78.73700 W44.363557 N 78.737161 W
Burnt River44.782447 N 78.651960 W
Lovesick Lake44.558 N 78.208 W
Gull River44.74390 N 78.82477 W
Bass Lake44.67863 N 78.52511 W
Cameron Lake44.53726 N 78.74132 W
Big Cedar44.60154 N 78.16528 W
Coon Lake44.60289 N 78.19526 W
Belmont Lake44.4860283 N 77.8176624 W
Little Boshkung Lake45 2.710′ N 78 43.199′ W

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