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Paddling connects us with wilderness, culture, and family

Paddling throughout Kawarthas Northumberland’s wilderness inspires creativity and provides an immediate connection with nature. It teaches core values, skills, and inspires a love for nature, and is best shared with your loved ones. Paddling removes distractions and brings us back to the essential things in life – our relationships with each other and our sense of self.

Exploring what the water has to offer can be a nostalgic experience. Grip your paddle, push off, and be surrounded by the beauty of nature that takes you back to your memories of spending summers at the cottage.

Spend quality time with your family and loved ones out on the water for an exciting adventure exploring the untamed beauty of Kawarthas Northumberland. Paddling can connect us with nature, friends and family and forge unforgettable memories that connect us to our Canadian culture.

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