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Red Fife Wheat. Photo by Justen Soule

Red Fife Wheat is known as Canada’s oldest strain of wheat and it was first developed in Peterborough by farmer David Fife in the 1840s. Since then, this hardy, flavourful wheat has made its way across Canada and is the genetic basis for many of the most popular varieties of wheat used today. How exactly did Red Fife wheat find its way to Peterborough & from there across Canada? Read the story of chance, hilarity, and heritage in this Insider’s Blog:¬†“A man named David, a ship in Glasgow, a dropped hat and an ox.”

Where to Taste It?
You have a few options if you want to taste how local artisans have used this remarkable heritage grain.
  1. Visit Olde Stone Brewing Co. in downtown Peterborough has a Red Fife Wheat Ale – and all their brews are *only* ever available on-site, so you’ve got to be here to try them. (Tasting Tip: watch their Instagram for any seasonal brews they are preparing – they are not to be missed!)
  2. Stop by Black’s Distillery on Hunter Street East in Peterborough. They use Red Fife to give their Heritage Vodka a buttery smooth character, and they also use it in their multi-award-winning Gin. (Tasting Tip: you can get Black’s Distillery Heritage Vodka¬† and Gin at some L.C.B.O. locations.)
  3. Red Fife Wheat is also used in some of the most delicious bread you’ll ever taste from the one-and-only Chef Dylan Smith at South Pond Farms. You can book a bread-baking workshop to learn how to make it yourself!

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