The uncrowded spaces of Kawarthas Northumberland have a natural beauty that’s all their own

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Discover the landscapes, geological features, and natural attractions unique to Kawarthas Northumberland, from rolling hills and limestone cliffs through underground rivers and the “Land Between”, to the Carden Alvar and the iconic Canadian Shield.

Learn more about the unique and rare natural features that define this region with the suggestions below.


If adventure is what you’re looking for, you will have no problem filling your days with breathtaking and exhilarating activities. With hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails, 350+ lakes to paddle on, and unique natural wonders to explore, you can follow your curiosity wherever it leads.

Climb, crawl, and bend through seven caves that were formed thousands of years ago by the rushing, melting waters of the last ice age at the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area. Push your endurance by mountain biking through the many trails in Ganaraska Forest or feel your adrenaline rush by swinging through the trees at Treetop TrekkingRent a sea-doo or a power boat and cruise around the lakes, or book a whitewater canoe trip with an expert guide. Kawarthas Northumberland also has many snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing opportunities that will have you winding through beautiful forested areas surrounded by wildlife and fresh air.


Peterborough and the Kawarthas is home to the largest known concentration of aboriginal rock carvings in Canada. Many stories can be interpreted from the drawings also known as the “teaching rocks”. There are also many opportunities to see wildlife on the trails, and with 4 different trail systems, you take your pick at how to spend your day exploring the natural wonder that is the Petroglyphs.


The astounding views you get from Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge are more than noteworthy. Don’t take our word for it – Narcity claims this is “Ontario’s Most Scenic Suspension Bridge” with “the best views in central Ontario.” This is an attraction that you can enjoy all year round. The bridge gives you the best view of Ranney Falls and the rushing waters 30ft beneath your feet. You’ll feel a sense of adventure as your heart races while the bridge sways in the wind. On the other side of the bridge is Ferris Provincial Park.


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The Kawarthas Northumberland blog is the place to go for longer stories and additional recommendations. Browse the articles below to find out more about cycling in the region.

A person bends to fix their traditional snowshoe
Day Trips

Where to Snowshoe in Kawarthas Northumberland

People who don’t like winter probably haven’t tried snowshoeing—there’s a quiet beauty to the woods on a snowy day that makes the season all worthwhile. If you’ve already got a pair of snowshoes, you’re ready to strike out for any one of Kawarthas Northumberland’s hiking and skiing trails. For those who want to give the

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Three cyclists in a snowy forest
Outdoor Recreation

Riding the Snowscape: Fat Biking in Kawarthas Northumberland

Until last winter, I’d never been on a fat bike. I’d cycled Kawarthas Northumberland thoroughly in the warmer months—the region is crisscrossed with rail trails and backroads that make for shady, serene riding in the summer. Then I was invited to ride some Northumberland County trails on a borrowed fat bike, and my conversion into an all-season rider happened almost instantly.

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