Kawarthas Northumberland

Have a taste.

Experience the culinary delights of Kawarthas Northumberland

Pick your own, sample a local brew, enjoy fine dining or have it all in Kawarthas Northumberland! The culinary scene in the region is robust — famous for an abundance of fresh ingredients and intrepid chefs. The Kawarthas Northumberland terroir is unique in Ontario thanks to vast quantities of fresh water and rolling hills with nutrient rich topsoil. Our farmers take advantage of the unique microclimates to cultivate flavourful produce and raise healthy, happy livestock. Fuelled by a zest for the “farm-to-table” ethic, supported by a network of family farms, local markets, bakeries and restaurants — our food scene is popular with foodies of all types.

Sign up for a cooking class, tour a winery or brewery, enjoy local food in our restaurants, fill your market basket, and pick up some award winning butter tarts. A visit to our region is guaranteed to satisfy your culinary cravings.