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A brilliant orange sun on the horizon illuminates a row of ice fishing huts
The Kawarthas Northumberland region is an ice angler’s paradise! So many species! So little time it seems. The frozen lakes provide an exciting and affordable…
Silhouette of fishermen in a boat with sun reflecting brilliantly in the lake
The angling opportunities available year round are simply astounding. The fall is a special time of year, however, and the scenery is simply breathtaking.
Two fisherpeople on a foggy lake in Kawarthas Northumberland
August and September can be one of the best times of the year to catch big fish in the Kawarthas Northumberland region. As we reach…
A black crappie against a white background
Unseasonably warm weather in the Kawarthas this fall has really opened up opportunities for the “not so hardcore” angler to take advantage of some of…
A hand holds up a tooth fish, with the logo
The spring fishing season in the Kawarthas Northumberland region offers many angling opportunities for the beginner and the avid fisherman alike.
A man in a ballcap holds up two freshly caught fish
The summer fishing season in the Kawarthas is truly an exciting time for any angler. Every imaginable season is now open and accessible by land…
Smiling man holds a fish towards the camera
Late fall right through to ice up presents some of the greatest Muskie and Smallmouth bass fishing of the year in the Kawarthas Northumberland region…

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